Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of this Academy is to: promote excellence in anaesthesia in dentistry, represent dentists who have postgraduate training in anaesthesia, and to support and encourage the clinical practice of anaesthesia by these practitioners in order to facilitate patient pursuit of optimal oral health.

The goals of the CADA are:

•Pursue excellence in the standards of practice of anaesthesia in dentistry.

•Encourage the availability of the complete spectrum of anaesthesia care for dental patients.

•Encourage the training of dentists to provide the complete spectrum of anaesthesia care.

•Develop and support the recognition of anaesthesia as a dental specialty.

•Pursue the interests of Canadian dentists who qualify as specialists in this discipline.

•Meet for the purposes of disseminating progress in the field of advanced techniques in anaesthesia, patient management and pain control.

•Inform its members of current matters of interest related to anaesthesia in dentistry.

•Communicate matters of members’ concern to other organizations, as required.