Becoming a Sleep Dentistry Patient

A Quick Guide

The first step is to find a dentist who is able to provide deep sedation or general anaesthesia.  

Once you have found a dental office that can provide sleep dentistry for yourself, a loved one, or for your child; they may first schedule you for a consultation appointment.  It is very important that your anaesthesia provider know every detail about your medical health and history.  Please bring a list of all medications that you take, as well as the names and contact information of any doctors or specialists that you see.  Aside from taking your health history, your dental anaesthesiologist is going to conduct a physical exam to make sure that you are healthy enough for sleep dentistry.

You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn about the process of sleep dentistry.  Given that a dentist anaesthesiologist is also a dentist, they can help you learn about how to tailor your sleep dental experience to your specific dental needs.  They will explain to you the different ways to go to sleep and how to make it safest and easiest for you.  It is very helpful if you can share any fears or phobias that you may have about dentistry.  That way they can make the experience most pleasant for you.  Your dentist anaesthesiologist is there to look after you, to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and to look after your safety while you are asleep. Remember, this is exactly what we’ve trained for – to provide safe and effective sedation and anaesthesia for our dental patients.