Important Rules for Safe Anesthesia

Advanced and thorough training, excellent choices in anaesthesia medications, and technological advancements in patient monitoring have all contributed to bother safer and a more pleasant experience having sleep dentistry.  There are, however, some simple rules that you will need to follow for your own safety.

Health History

Please provide a complete and thorough health history with your dental anaesthesiolgist when you have your consultation, including the names of any medications you take, including puffers, over the counter medications and natural/herbal remedies.

Health Changes

If there are any changes to your health between the time of your consultation and treatment, please let your dental anesthesiologist know immediately.


If you develop cold or flu-like symptoms within 4 weeks of your appointment, please call your dental anaesthesiologist so they can ensure that it is still safe to proceed with treatment.

Eating and Drinking

You must not have any solid food within 8 hours of your anaesthesia appointment. You are permitted to have clear fluids up to 2 hours before your anesthesia appointment. Examples of clear fluids are water, apple juice, or black tea or coffee. You cannot have anything, including clear fluids in the 2 hour window before your appointment.


If you take any medications, please speak with your dentist anaesthesiologist about which ones you should take and any that you should avoid leading up to treatment.


You must rest for the remainder of the day after your appointment. You cannot return to work or school, and should plan on a quiet day of rest.


You must have a responsible person that can accompany you to your appointment. This person must also be able to take your home, and remain with you for the remainder of the day.


You must return home from your appointment by car or taxi. Travelling home by public transit after a dental anaesthesia appointment is not permitted, for safety purposes.

24 Hours

After your appointment, you cannot drive a car or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours. Similarly, you cannot sign any important documents or make any financial or life implicating decisions during that time.